Geek Stuff / Profile

Here's my current geek profile, just in case you're interested.

"aequitas" is my laptop, a compaq armada m700 with 256mb ram, 1ghz mobile p3 cpu, 20gig hd, and a really quite poor 2x agp video card. I dont use it for gaming however, so the card works fine for xorg. It has a broken keyboard and it's covered with stickers. Character.

Named after that piss-tasting Korean beer that I love so much, "Cass" is my G5 iMac. Running OS X Tiger and equipped with that neat little iPod shuffle-looking remote and the embedded iSight webcam. I use this computer for everything.

This is a 2ghz p4 that I use mostly for counter strike, but also for Syllable development and use.

I have another programming page at but I really dont update that site anymore. It's mostly aimed at z80 assembly for the nintendo gameboy, and the ti calculators.

Lately i'm working with the US Pavilion as a guide for the Nagoya, aichi expo Japan so i haven't had much time for programming but i'm sure that will change when i run out of money. ;) I speak Japanese and usually try to do japanese related programming projects. You can also find me on the Gentoo Japan mailing lists.