Mashoujiki nikki
:: 26 February 2003 :: 1412 ::
Weblogs are depressing

It's okay to be jealous of other people's lifestyles, really. Some people are happily married, with children, living in awesome pad's, in japan.. and i'm ... well .. james.

Axis of good links
:: 3 April 2003 :: 1412 ::
Humor is good for the Soul

This is a clever little flash animation, talking about the silly "axis of evil" bullshit.

:: 28 December 2002 :: 1412 ::
Way To Blue

OH MY GOODNESS. THIS IS SOME GOOD STUFF. Great picturs of Florence Italy, with a couple pictures of Venice thrown in for good measure, as long as Paris pics. That lucky savage.

I want it. Badly.
:: 04 November 2002 :: 1102 ::
Nokia Mobile Games!

I want it to have my children. I've never seen anything so beautiful in my life, well other than a lot of stuff. Still, I need one of these to survive!

I want it. Badly.
:: 04 November 2002 :: 14102 ::
Computer Security

This is really really good. Like, really good. It's simple, straight to the point, and straight to the bloody point.

This shirt is brilliant
:: 01 November 2002 :: 1152 ::
man woman

If you're a *nix geek, you might like this shirt

Watch this or die
:: 06 September 2002 :: 1152 ::
Watch this korean goodness

Love. Nothing but Love.

Daihatsu what?!
:: 06 September 2002 :: 1152 ::
I need it!

I need this car! I used to want one of those audi roadsters, but this is even better! It's like they read my mind, and designed the car of my dreams. Buy me one.

Gates and Balmer grab themselves
:: 19 August 2002 :: 1432 ::

I'm really not as anti-microsoft as I probably should be, but this picture still cracks me up. You've got to admit, it's kind of funny.

Koreans Are Superior
:: 16 August 2002 :: 104602 ::
The Proof

It's obvious to me that us Koreans (well .. hehe half korean at least) are a superior race than everyone else. This is even more proof. At first you might think "Holy mother! that's the sweetest computer ever!" but then you notice the movie poster in the background for "Red" the amazing french film, part of the three colors series and you think "wow, Koreans are vastly superior to every other race"

:: 18 June 2002 :: 2302 ::

Speaking of Sloan (okay, so nobody was speaking of sloan ..) this site is great! I love the Katakana of course, but the fact that Sloan is such an amazing band live was a big help too.

Koreans do it right
:: 14 June 2002 :: 0858 ::
Koreans do it right

As people who know me might suggest, I tend to do things all the way, or not at all. None of this half and half crap, if you're going to do something, do it all the way. Perhaps it's in my blood ;-)

Keep that funk alive
:: 13 June 2002 :: 2356 ::

These to college students definately know how to get down. If i could dance like this, i'm sure i'd get all kinds of ladies.

:: 11 June 2002 :: 1042 ::
Don't Learn nihongo

This is hilarious. I have to admit, he got most of it right! It's much funnier if you know just a little bit of japanese like I do, the jokes are much more funny.

:: 10 June 2002 :: 1642 ::
The deadline cometh

Well, according to the page ewyle should be released by/on the 14th to the general weblog perusing publix.

:: 07 June 2002 :: 1642 ::
James' version of Art

People may try to tell you that coding isn't art, but I definately think otherwise. Here is a little exerpt from some code that I wrote a couple years ago in Z80 assembly for the ti-86. The game was called "arkanoid2" and the source code definately shows a glimpse of my character ... you be the judge :) The full source of course, is at james.acz.org

Crash It
:: 04 June 2002 :: 1252 ::
Jonathan again

Once again Jonathan flexes his unique webdesign style muscle, and pulls a slick looking site out of his bum. I'm not sure what's going on with that site, but it looks awfully slick.

A Decktop
:: 04 June 2002 :: 1445 ::
Decktop Beauty

Dan made a nice decktop that I currently use. I do not advocate the "smocicus poticus" in any way, but I think the decktop is pretty.

Star Wars
:: 04 June 2002 :: 1248 ::
Star Wars humor

This is a big streaming proprietary piece of crap file format (developed by Microsoft) movie of a segment of the Conan Obrien show, man is it funny.

Another band
:: 14 April 2002 :: 0048 ::
Know your Onion!

I guess it was inevitable.

Tee Hee Hee
:: 04 April 2002 :: 0048 ::
Linux Wallpaper

Linux wall paper. Nothing like a little friendly insulting going on.

Clear Bolt
:: 19 March 2002 :: 2348 ::
Clear Bolt.com

An old web designer friend of mine pointed me to this site, it have that whole post-2advanced studios 3d studio max geometric madness cliche thing going on. It's still very cool looking though.

Mr. Dave
:: 19 March 2002 :: 2348 ::
Player Piano

This is an old site that I barely worked on, but my name is in the credits, which makes me happy. I wonder what ever happend to Dave anyway, he made great sites...

:: 13 March 2002 :: 1348 ::
Nikki Lee

This is really quite interesting if you ask me, this girl just joins various clique's and takes pictures of herself in the role. I was a little disappointed that she didn't do the "art school chick" role, but i suppose that would be just TOO easy *grin*

h4x0|2zz unite!
:: 13 March 2002 :: 0148 ::

Man, i love google. One of the few useful sites written in leet speek.

Remember Simian?
:: 9 March 2002 :: 1948 ::

Is it just me, or does this remind you of a sort of weak version of Simian? I dont know if you have ever heard of simian, but it's an awesome flash site, quite possibly my favorite flash site of all time.

I love photos
:: 9 March 2002 :: 1946 ::

all over on this site, my favorite of which is this one, mostly because of the little peace symbol on the bag, with the huge ass armored police guy towering above, damn that's slick.

They're not SO bad
:: 8 March 2002 :: 1825 ::
Jimmy eats Tokyo

I'm not the hugest Jimmy eat world fan, although i have been warming up to them lately (along with pretty much everything else in the world). Check out these pics of them rocking tokyo with some vagrant records, the super mega corporation-plex of the emo world, style.

My Desktop is Huge
:: 7 March 2002 :: 2355 ::
Linux Is Sexy

This portal is my section for links that I think are cool, but dont necessarily warrant an entire post on the weblog.. so I think this screenshot fits here nicely. This is what my desktop "looks" like. I can only view 1 of the 3 sections at a time, but I can scroll through it freely. In other words, linux is sexy on my laptop.

:: 26 February 2002 :: 2200 ::

In my very humble opinion, a good interview with Shiner. If you've never heard Shiner, check them out, and perhaps a couple of their songs. It's not ground breaking or anything, but it's good stuff :)

Crash It
:: 7 March 2002 :: 2355 ::
Crash It

Jonathan busting out with some friendly web design, gorgeous anime women and lots of coaxin', a definate crowd pleaser ;-)

Zombo com
:: 26 February 2002 :: 2200 ::

Welcome to Zombo com ! The infinate is possible at zombo com. Fear that voice.

Half Project
:: 26 February 2002 :: 2200 ::
Half Project

You know, i've noticed that Errol Richardson's personal site is down, is that kid still alive? He didn't do anything punk rawk, like slit his wrists did he? Anyway, one of his pages is halfproject, a great site, with a very smooth design.

High School Kids
:: 26 February 2002 :: 2200 ::
Just Design

This kid is is crazy young, but he has some cool looking stuff on his page. He's the lucky winner of the first link to be added to my portal ;-)